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hello, everyone, TNA Slammiversary 2018 Live Stream Free. its Jack and some from coal, Tohono common sorry, the colic Heavyweight Champion some driver, that’s a yeah, the county and the bank holder in the bank to you know because it’s those massive paint fumes in the country. We are delighted to announce the movie doing our first and the impact reactions for Slammiversary 2018, this Sunday. So yes, it looks like a very interesting lineup for the show, and also I should mention as well, that for the first time, Slammiversary is airing on the fight up and if you use the link in the description below that means that you’ll get 15 dollars.

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Slammiversary 2018 to Air Live Exclusively

Credit lovely great, so please now of course, as per usual, we have a forfeit for the loser and that forfeit involves threat just bloody dressing. We need to address the elephant in the room in the fact that I got kicked with footballs. You still have done. You CM Punk punishment. What are you doing? Fear not because we’re going to combine this punishment on the CM Punk 1. So if I lose, I’m gon na have to do the CFO punishment on this one in one right, and I guess, if you lose you’ll, just have to sub next to volunteer. Basically, the loser will have to dress as one of three big legends from the whoop. Equally, equal sort of sized legends I reckon yeah in the history of impact wrestling sir line was to Mac what NASA to see those choices and to vote on them.

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Well, I tell you choices but to vote on them head to our patreon page, a moose not lose himself us farty little clothing for us to dresses, but a moose against yeah um sting under and the big bad booty daddy. A self in finer. Then choice. Tiny go yeah, that’s right! Yeah well know which one’s gon na win so that further ado, let’s crack on with all of our slumber, verse 3 prediction starting off with Tessa Blanchard versus Ali. Some who have you got why Tessa blonde should make she’s the new birth figure.

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The newer one she’s totally still impacts long bina, traditional respectful company, in that sense, good old southern rustling yeah. Well, I just think Tess is like one of the biggest women’s dresses on the NBC right yeah. I think it makes sense for her to come in and get a big win. Yeah. You know this. She started 2-year deal yeah yeah, I think Tess is gon na walk away with the victory. What about you, jack, asaurus rex, I’m gon na go straight in with a risk actually and take Ali right.

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And it doesn’t go over that well with the crowd all of the time. Maybe if she wins via cheap means, then she comes, they can do double turn. She will star turn nice he’ll test, we’ll start and face, but too risky one, but this there’s way more predictions to come. So I’m gon na go with the risk in this one. I would either for Ali risky base loose key business. Thy name is cult Ajala. No makes no sense. Next up, we have LAX with Conan Max moon versus versus the oh geez homicide Hernandez with Eddie Kingston in oh sorry, in a 500 500 street fight, he asked to do that. Yeah Eamonn means Q by four five, a Google.

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It’S please code for like dangerous person on the loose whoa, Reston’s ha we’re gon na see your races og off the top rope, just flap back some. Oh this much, hopefully a flop back boom no bloody neck bump. I’M gon na take! Oh it’s a difficult one! Right: okay, because the yuji’s are the newer team in em, yes, but of course, they’re not really because they’ve appeared an impact for you. There’S they’re very much part of impact history, yes and unders in homicide. Who could forget when homicide got stuck at the top of that big red cage and could get up? Who can forget when Hernandez? No, whereas Oakland an understated to the bathroom patted me on the back? That was like had a bit annoying us, but I’ve never be me next to you. I didn’t, I don’t even know a man before lovely. You know just a nice guy.

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I go to go for lax because really, even though the OGS are the new team on the scene, yeah and even though any Kingston’s are my favorite promo guys in reston ever come back. When I used to watch Takara, he was excellent car. I think I think that belly actually gon na get the win, but I think something terrible is gon na happen.


A cone on afterwards, Oh interesting, interesting, assertive, but a job just beat the crap up. Your bear. I’M gon na go with the OGS they’ve, making their big glorious return to impact, and I just don’t really like Conan all right, lovely yeah: oh yeah bless it black soon bless it. Mux moon, you’ve heard about Triple Eight. Oh, yes, then way it’s right here, but no I’m. I guess I just feel like yeah as a newer hotter team. I guess that the younger team yeah, I know the heels always chasing.

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Always I’ll always disassociate with Cohen arm of being just a horrible little heel. Okay, so I’m gon na go do geez yeah! I think Allen actually be better as a chasing team. This could this much could be like one of the more exciting ones on the card. Okay, it’s gon na be one of the best matches it’s gon na be on Smokey Joe, but let’s move on to the next match. Next up another hardcore base March, a house of hardcore match between Tommy Dreamer, the legend and Eddie Edwards, the American wolf, oh bloody hell.

Who have you gotten? Why uh see I like Tommy Dreamer, I think Tommy Dreamer gets a really unnecessary rap from people. Saying he’s boring? Oh I I was like Tommy dear he’s. Great boys are Impractical, Jokers it’s a House of hardcore match. He runs a company called House of hardcore. I just think he’s gon na lose it it’s Tommy Dreamer yeah. It’S dreamer. He seems like a really nice guy. He seems like the type of guy that would put over like a newer upcoming star in a similar vein, I don’t think yeah and I just think that dreamers not going over yeah.

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What about you good, sir? It’S a really difficult one, because Eddie Edwards right yeah, like he used to be a big deal on the industry, but they’re kind of lost prominence when he went to impact. He says if I think he’s a former in about a champion he’s like challenge thrown against a Richard, but so many people were swept about he’s, kidding, yeah he’s gon na then he went to impact and yeah, so god Louis yeah yeah and then obviously emerged again.

Yeah and there’s now dropped again since the Lashley for you, so is he gon na climb back up again or is he gon na continue to go? No well, I think, a big win over a legend like after a really hard format do that for him yeah. At the same time, you could just jump him up to a legend and see what that does. I think I’m gon na agree with you and go with Eddie Edwards.

his whole feud with Sami Callihan means these been served for some come over at some point, because he just totally just his mind, so turned heel and kind of in a Johnny got got away where he’s anyway, he’s like consumed by anger and stuff. But karl has now gone to another field which we’ll talk about in a bit, so I think Emma’s gon na win this one and then someone else will come along to teach him a lesson a bit less. But I think yes, I agree with you on this. One it’ll be the Sandman it’ll be days, it’ll it’ll be Davie, bloody Richards; no, no it’ll be Joel Gertner.

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Yes, it will it’ll be shout out to Joker it’ll be Biggie dressed as Joel Gertner, as we saw that was so heard. I just want to see it. Just just once I just wan na, let him want them to let him just do some ghertner schtick. I don’t. Next up, we have Phoenix vs. rich Swan versus Jonathan impact versus the bone soldier himself, not the original bone soldier, but the new one.

They just thought. We wouldn’t notice Taiji. Is she Maury who begot and Hawaii? This is a really hard on a call, maybe the hardest on the whole of show you? How? Because feasibly any of the guys could win excuse me. You’Ve got a she Mori who’s, obviously getting hot in New Japan. Yeah you’ve got rich someone, who’s just returned to the wrestling scene.

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After a little trauma see, you’ve got Johnny in parks. You often just wins in various promotions, because it’s a big name yeah. You go Phoenix, who’s been picking up momentum as well, I’m just Pentagon’s brother, so yeah, I honestly don’t know um normally. I wouldn’t predict ish Amaury, just because I know that often just from our knowledge of being in the biz right, even the beers that new Japan, understandably new Japan are often reluctant to let other companies job that guys up yeah.

So I think they might have gone dude Giovanni Mori, so that’s why the permanent, so they can either lose but not say the fuck yeah. So he’s not gon na take he’s not gon na look weak for losing, but I actually think he’s gon na win. Really. I think that, because of Don Carlos and the whole new Japan link, ah you might be right. I think that they might be really concerned with Pine over making a new Japan guy looks strong to try and win more small relationship.

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Try blue more New Japan guys over it’s not very exciting prediction in terms of the rest. Adduction, I’ve just gotten totally political with this one, but I think Taiji Omori could pick up the win, but I say that without much confidence, so I’m gon na go for Johnny impact. It’S it’s a it’s a safe shout, I think, like they’re, really behind him he’s changed his name for them.

Yes, he did. He went down to the registry office and said: oh ow and ya know I he’s just an exciting guy to watch and I’m still like. Even though he’s you know he’s getting on and he’s still, you can just move yeah, yes to know. So I just he’s. Also, your maid yeah and you know yeah yes on camera, so it’s also about cameras for about 20 minutes was great. I know I wasn’t there, but a party was lovely, you know who’s really sound and I’m obviously mates as Molina. So it’s just know also, obviously, impact have a working relationship. Reboot your underground.

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Oh yes, Johnny Empire are gon na, be Johnny Monday. We’Re gon na neuter in the run season form. I was so. I was so fixated on the new Japan partnership yeah. I’Ve just totally forgot so there’s two partnerships are working this much. There is yes, but I’m gon na go for Jonathan Q impact eruvin. I’M gon na stick with issue Maureen next out, but much I’m very much.

Looking forward to you, Pentagon, junior sir versus Sami Callihan, and it’s not any normal myself, it’s a must versus hair. Oh you just erequest up, that’s the word. I was looking for yeah and wager match a bargain, a deal who have you gone for and why aa new fee amid leafy I’m not scared about made a yeah. I I can’t see petrol. Is this Moscow, just God I can’t think jy again.

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I want Nick to milf Lord until after the deed I sparkly crown, you know, Nick got Building Society boot. Ah, someone had gotten the library just draw the pages, just little dicks, okay, let’s not on this card. Sorry you’ve gone for Pentagon. I just don’t see penny losing a passcode. I just don’t and Sami. Callihan has lovely luscious long, hair yeah it’s right for cutting so he’s about to go on a cruise, so long hair.

My makeup sweats so heard it here. First Sami Callihan is get his head. Shaved oughta be a choise or something and just over he’ll get involved and it’ll that he won’t shave his hair or something will happen, but Callaghan he’s losing. I think OVR gon na get involved, but I’m gon na agree with you and go with Pentagon still. Novi you’ll get involved and then maybe Phoenix or maybe some other Luciano go and I’ll come out and help Pentagon and he’ll win yeah. agree, Sonny Col, I’m losing his hair is much less of a big deal.

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Then, just imagine all the lights go down. It’S like a pivotal point in the macho vive coming Pender’s on the floor. All the lights go down, they come back up and that’s just Drago sat there. His rubber mask just alright, I’m a dragon. I was expecting. I say someone really on language to their iír Isis saga um. So I think that yeah, I think Pentagon is gon na win and keep his mask, because we’ve seen his must get torn and stuff into matches and kind of ripped off, especially in the match of thinking of a bump.

Here only churn the ground yeah. I think Sami. Callihan Gary’s haircut is not as big a deal as as Pentagon, losing his mouse keys yeah one of the most famous masked wrestlers in the world yeah losing the mask is a very, very big deal. Yes, like you can’t put your mask back on unless your brain Mysterio, you can’t it yeah unless you you’ve got to like ask forgiveness, yes, but yeah, unless you like psychosis, yeah yeah, but you just needed that mask them.

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But I think, but I think I agree with you – I think the Pentagon is gon na win. Next up, we have a match for the X X, X, Division champion, so extreme, so extreme. The X is for extreme between mat side. Our current reigning champion and witty-bitty big bad boy, Brian cage so large, who has you Goths and why’s big bad Brian cage because look at them. He doesn’t know where my side, I was gon na fight with him.

No, it’s not it’s not an X Division. Guy he’s not, but some mojo, you said yeah, but then some Oh Joe, take used to be a lot more flippy than he is these damn. You know I’m gon na stick with Brian cage because I think, even though the X Division has largely being about smaller guys, it’s not always being exclusive. Some mojo didn’t used to win it yeah, but it’s been a long time. I think, since we had a bigger X Division champion – and I think the novel Liam bar and the fun then I’ll bring seen Brian caves just launched labs around the ring when he’s defending it means that he’s going to win. I think we’re gon na see a tire change.

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I think Brian cage is gon na win the belt, something they got. What I think you just swipe Mena? Oh you guys. I know please let me go flipping out, but I agree that hasn’t been a larger X Division champion in a while, especially one that will just be like look. I just love guys everywhere: mmm yeah Brian cage. Next up the Knockouts championship match between the defending champion. It’S soo young and the Challenger, the far more experienced and well-known in Impact Madison Rayne, but will that’s where you some? Who have you gone? That must be two five times I am.